Writing Tips to our Contributors

Outlined here are writing tips to AskStudent’s contributors.

1. Logical Order. Establish a series of simple, numbered steps that follow a logical sequence and are easily accomplished.

2. Word Length. Articles should be at least 400 words, except in rare cases where you can thoroughly explain a process in fewer than 400 words. An article can be as long as an author deems necessary to fully address the topic (there is no maximum).

3. Accuracy & Readability. Every article should be as correct and concise as possible.

4. Intellectual Property & Copyrights. We will review your submission for not only accuracy and originality, but particularly to ensure the material is not duplicated from any other source. Copyright violations or any form of plagiarism will be grounds for immediate removal of your AskStudent account.

5. Style. Articles should be written using the active voice. The tone should be informative and friendly. Write as if you were giving how-to advice to a friend or family member. To accomplish this, you may want to address readers as “you.”

6. Straight Facts. Basic facts are essential. Avoid personal anecdotes and narrative sidelines that distract from the project’s main focus.