Barnes & Nobles 50% off Coupon

Barnes & Nobles is featuring their “mystery coupon” again. Depending on the coupon you received, the discount you are looking at from Barnes and Nobles could be 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50% off one item in stores and online. Just go to the customer service desk, place your order and take the printout with the barcode you see below to the check out counter. That’s when you present your coupon to score your sweet 50% off deal.

  • Go to Barnes & Noble online or visit their nearest store (store locator)
  • This promotion is valid from March 31, 2011 to April 3, 2011 at close of business
  • This discount is applied to the most expensive eligible item in the order- not the entire purchase
  • The last time Barnes & Nobles ran this promotion, everyone received the 50% off discount applied to their purchase

Barnes & Noble 50% off coupon for members (that’s on top of your member discount)

Barnes & Noble 50% discount coupon

Barnes & Noble 50% off coupon for non-members

Barnes & Noble discount coupon

Rest of the Barnes & Noble coupons, in case someone doesn’t like getting items at half price

501961 – Nonmember 10% discount coupon

501971 – Nonmember 15% discount coupon

501981 –Nonmember 20% discount coupon

501991 –Nonmember 30% discount coupon

106351 –Member 15% discount coupon

106361 –Member 20% discount coupon

106371 –Member 30% discount coupon