Free In-Flight WiFi Internet Coupon on Delta Airlines

A problem when you are flying on an airplane is the lack of Internet access. Check out this amazing deal. For the month of August 2011, if you are flying on Delta Airlines, you can get free in-flight Internet access. Now, you can check your email, connect with friends and family and even update your Facebook status, all above 10,000 feet.

  • Make sure you are flying on Delta Airlines – month of August 2011
  • Check if your flight has In-Flight WiFi access
  • When you are on the airplane, connect to GoGo in-flight.
  • Buy a $12.95 or lower plan. These plans usually are valid for 24 hours.
  • Enter DIETCOKEGOGO at checkout as your coupon
  • The price will become $0
Free WiFi on an airplane coupon