How to Smoke Rings

Using the method outlined here, you will be able to blow amazing smoke rings, smoke rings of different shapes and sizes and the best part, you don’t have to smoke a cigarette for this.

In order to make smoke rings, you will need:

1. an empty plastic, 2 liter soft drink bottle

2. a candle

3. matches or a lighter

*WARNING* This experiment uses fire. Be safe, use common sense, and be sure there is an adult in the room, so you have someone to blame if something goes wrong.

How to make Smoke Rings

First light the candle and place it on a table or a flat surface. Put out the flame and place the bottle over the candle wick. You can fill up the bottle with smoke after lighting and blowing out the candle couple of times.

Now, give the bottle a gentle squeeze and out will pop smoke rings. With some practice, you can make a variety of smoke rings by adjusting your pressure on the bottle.

Try doing this against some dark background where you can see the smoke rings better. Also this works best if there is no breeze or strong winds around. The gentle you are on the bottle, the better your smoke rings will be.

Video on how to make smoke rings