Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Video

Star Wars X-Wing FighterThe force was strong in Luke Skywalker and his R2-D2. Now, it is passed on to some 40 Star Wars fans led by amateur rocketeer Andy Woerner and the San Diego Tripoli Rocket Association built an actual working Star Wars X-Wing Fighter.

For any Star Wars fan, the X-Wing Fighter is the symbol of Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion’s Starfighter corps. The long, narrow frame is flanked by four engines on the four edges. In the middle of the X-Wing Figher, is the cockpit module. Behind the X-Wing cockpit, there is an astromech socket where a droid can be placed to support the X-Wing figher’s hyperdrives and serve as the X-Wing co-pilot.

This Star Wars X-Wing Fighter is 23 feet long and took a mammoth 2500 hour , $7000 effort. They also have an R2-D2 beeping and passing the instructions. However, the laser cannons don’t work 🙂 Their biggest challenge was figuring out how to make the hinged wings lock into attack position and to make sure that all the class-M rocket engines they retrofitted into the X-Wing Fighter would fire at the same time.
They did, but just seconds later … watch the video below