Top 10 MySpace Layouts

myspace.comOne thing that amazes me about my MySpace profile is how ugly it looks. But hey, a site with 50 million registered users must be doing something right… Now, do you hate your current MySpace layout? Is your MySpace background all cluttered and overly loud with horrible colors in it?

At AskStudent, we scouted the web and made a list of Top 10 MySpace Layouts which do not look like MySpace at all. They are minimalist but at the same time highly functional and above all they are not ugly.

Some themes listed below can be downloaded and others can’t. When we ranked the MySpace layouts, we definitely looked at the aesthetic value as well as functionality. Also, some theme’s didn’t have any names. In these cases, we made the names up. Also, if you download some of these themes, they may be violating MySpace TOS. Make sure you keep that in mind.

10. Minimal Overlay MySpace Layout

myspace layout

This MySpace Layout created by Derek Punsalan looks pretty good and as the name suggests minimal. With white background and a green lime font, it is definitely pleasing on the eyes. You can check out the Minimal overlay MySpace Layout at
You can download the MySpace theme at

9. Eminent Style MySpace Layout

myspace layout

This MySpace theme was created by Ben Bishop. The layout is very functional. Ben is a professional web designer and his MySpace theme reflects on his trade very well.

You can check out the theme at

8. Beautiful CSS MySpace Layout

myspace theme

This layout is very well done. However, the author KGandstuff is currently refusing to share the code for her MySpace theme preserving its uniqueness. However, for all the CSS n00bs out there, it is a very good design to learn and learn from.

7. Photo Profile MySpace Layout

myspace theme

This profile is excellent for those who have a large number of pictures as shown by the author of this MySpace theme … a photographer by profession.

You can check it out here

6. Picture Portrait MySpace Layout

myspace layout

This MySpace theme was created by Andrew. He is a web designer too. You can check out Andrew’s theme here

5. Cozy Green MySpace Layout

myspace layout

Definitely a top MySpace layout. Blended in various shades of Green probably close to the author of this MySpace theme … Mexico. Very cool theme by Lucio

4. Illusionist MySpace Layout

myspace layout

This excellent MySpace theme was created by Spencer from California who is an illusionist by profession. He considers Hypnotism as his hobby. He has certainly hypnotized us with this creative MySpace theme. You can check out Spencer’s MySpace theme here

3. Facebook MySpace Layout

facebook myspace theme

This is simply awesome. Make your MySpace profile look like the other #1 Social networking site… Facebook. Lots of people like Facebook because of its cleaner layout. However, you can’t get away from MySpace. Enter Justin Adlock’s Facebook layout for MySpace. It resembles the look of Facebook but you retain almost all the functionality of your MySpace account. On the right hand side, just like Facebook, you have your personal information and below it, your Wall. On the left sidebar, you have your Top friends list, Photos, website and other options you can customize.

You can download the MySpace theme here

2. Electropunk MySpace Layout

myspace layout

This excellent MySpace theme is the brainchild of Eston Bond. Besides having a cool last name, he has an extremely cool MySpace page. Since he is a web designer, Eston is kind enough to share his expertise on how he created this excellent MySpace layout here.

Check out the Electropunk MySpace theme here

1. Mike Industries MySpace Layout

myspace theme

Mike Davidson is not only the CEO and co-creator of Newsvine, he is considered to be one of the pioneers of excellent Myspace profile personalization. If you are looking to create something that looks remotely like what Mike has on his MySpace profile page, he has detailed explanation on his blog. In the meantime, check out his MySpace Theme