Boxing Exercises and Boxing Workouts

For most people who get extremely tired and stressed out at the end of a hard day’s work or attending classes, they need some kind of a stress buster. Exercise and working out can serve as an excellent stress buster. If we need to get more specific, Boxing exercises and boxing workouts can be extremely beneficial not only for stress relief but serve as excellent workouts.

We are going to show you a video where we are going to do some boxing workouts and boxing for fitness.

We will start off by warming up our bodies. A skipping rope or a jump rope can serve as an excellent warm up. They usually cost around 10 bucks … so they are a cheap and an inexpensive workout helpers. Use the jump rope for around 10 minutes to warm up your body. Warming up is good and you won’t injure your muscles later on. After that we do some shoulder rotation, ab rotation and stretching of calf muscles. With that we complete our warm up routine before we begin our boxing for fitness and boxing exercises and boxing workouts.

Watch the rest of the video to watch Joe Dowdell of Peak Performance guiding Kim Strother through this grueling boxing workout. Exhausting, yes, but Kim’s says this workout is an amazing stress reliever.