How to choose the Perfect Sunglasses for your Face

Spring is around the corner and it is almost time to bring those sunglasses out. If you have a perfect pair of sunglasses, the one that you were destined to be with, congratulations! You are in the minority. For the rest of us who need to go shopping, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for you.

Now, the challenge with sunglasses is that not all of them suit everyone. There are some that just fit better for certain face shapes. Gilt Man does a great job outlining those in the video shown at the bottom of this article. The summary of the video on how to find the perfect sunglasses is here:

Choosing a sunglass if you have a round face

If you have a round face, try to avoid a sunglass that is round. Try to go for something square. If you don’t, it will only¬†accentuate¬†the roundness.

Sunglasses for a round face

Choosing a sunglass if you have a triangular face

If you have a triangular face, go with something square again.

sunglasses for triangular face

Choosing a sunglass if you have a square face

If you have a square face, you have some leeway. You can go with something either round or square. The most important thing though, you need to make sure that the scale of the sunglasses fits your face.

Sunglasses for a square face

Choosing a sunglass that matches every face type

There is one sunglass frame that fits almost all face shapes. Those are the wayfarer sunglasses. They have become very popular due to its shape. It is a bit rounded, a bit angular and a little bit square, all at the same time.

wayfarer sunglasses for every face shape
Watch the full Gilt Man video where the hosts offer advice on matching your frames to your face type sipping whisky of course