How FaceBook busted an Intern

facebook busts an internI knew that FaceBook was used by recruiters and managers to check up on their potential college hires. Apparently, the “checking” doesn’t stop after their hire. Valleywag is reporting this story on this Bank Intern named Kevin Colvin, interning for Anglo Irish Bank’s North American branch.

So Kevin has this Halloween party to go to and emails his manager that he has some family emergency in New York. He is having a good time and keeping his FaceBook profile updated with the latest pictures taken from the Halloween party. Guess what … the manager or someone in his team was checking up on FaceBook and ping… Kevin added new pictures pops up.

The intern’s manager replies back to Kevin with a picture attached from his Facebook profile … partying and copies his entire team on it.

Moral of the story fellas: Keep that FaceBook current status blank or turn it off.

Kevin Colvin email to his manager

Kevin Colvin's manager reply

Kevin Colvin