How to write a personal letter to your Mom: Warning only for College Students



Write Mom
Personal letters home don’t take a lot of time when you use the Mom-O-Matic.

It’s not always easy to tell Mom important things. Occasionally things happen that she’s gotta know about, but it’s easy to procrastinate. Well, we just took that option away, because we’ve already written a letter to Mom for you! You just have to fill in the specifics, that’s all.

Your e-mail address:
E-mail address to send the letter to:
Dear : 

Today has been the

morning of my life. And it all started before I woke up this morning. Sometime in the night,

So I woke up this morning

Then, as if that weren’t bad enough, I realized that I had slept on my head wrong and my neck wouldn’t move without

But I knew this was no excuse to skip class, so I went to my first class,

While I was sitting in class

I began to develop

I don’t know what to do, Mom. I wanna

But that’s hard to do when

Anyway, I’ll be alright. Don’t worry about me. Too much. I went through five


this morning. I’m sure a crutch’ll do me good. But if you sent me

now, I might not have to sink to those depths.

Okay, now you are done, copy the content of this email now and paste into your email editor. You are all set.