Halo 3 launch date announced!! 11th September 2007

Being the rabid fanboy, I started looking around if I can preorder Halo 3. Lucky me… a google search showed me that sites like Best Buy, EB and Gamestop are now taking pre-orders of Bungie’s latest Halo game. Now, for the longest time, I knew that Microsoft and Bungie were planning to release Halo 3 sometime in 2007. But, here is what I find when I search for Halo 3 on GameStop.

Halo 3 release date on GameStop

Now Halo 3 is available for pre order in three versions — standard, collector’s and Legendary. Pre-orders are $5, $10, $25 depending on which SKU you’re going after.  The prices are $59.99 for the standard version, $69.99 for the Collector’s edition and $99.99 for the Legendary edition. The legendary version out with a Halo Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet and three bonus disks including Hi Res Scenes for Halo 1 and 2 and behind the scenes. The picture shown below is that of a spartan mjolnir helmet

Halo Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI helmet

Best Buy gives the following overview

“The much-anticipated final chapter has arrived. Master Chief returns to finish the fight once and for all in order to finally end the epic conflict between the Covenant, the Flood and the entire human race. Experience a heart-pounding, dramatic climax to this popular video game franchise.

Next-generation graphics and technological advances, such as an enhanced artificial intelligence and an advanced real-time lighting engine, make the story come to life with stunning realism. Experience all-new weapons and characters as you struggle through tough challenges. You can even log online with Xbox Live and battle in exciting multiplayer action.”

Links for pre-order

1. Pre-order Halo3 at EBgames. com

2. Pre-order Halo3 at gamestop.com