Halo Fan builds a real life working Warthog

Halo3 is being released on September 25th 2007 which is still a good 40 days away from today.

“Halo 3 is much more than a video game release; it’s the biggest entertainment event of the year,” said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. “On Sept. 25, we intend to deliver a finale that will go down in entertainment history and leave people around the world with an experience that will be shared and enjoyed for years to come.”

While we wait for the game to release, some other Halo fans are putting their free time to good use. This Halo Fan builds a real life working Warthog. The only thing i am not sure is if the bullets in the gun are real or fake. Click on the picture to download a 1024 x 654 sized image (hello.. Desktop Wallpaper folks.. )

real life Halo Warthog

Download the Music from the Halo E3 trailer

Also, for those who loved the Halo3 theme music at E3 trailer, here is some good news.

From Bungie we present

“Hey we should put this up on Bnet and make it available.


The attached file was the music from the Halo 3 E3 Trailer. Enjoy!

Download here