How to find the hidden game in Microsoft Excel 2000

Microsoft has been hiding easter eggs in their programs for years. This shows the last known easter egg to come out in an office suite in Excel 2000. If you have Excel 97, first: please upgrade to a newer version. Second: before you upgrade, open a new workbook in Excel 97. Open a new workbook Press F5Enter X97:L97 and press Enter Press Tab Press Ctrl Shift and click the Chart Wizard button on the toolbar. You’ll be greeted with a full-screen animated image. Use the mouse to move around.

Trigger the egg. You’ll be looking at a purple 3D landscape. Use the mouse to “fly” over the landscape (the mouse changes direction, left button moves forward and left button moves backwards). Fly around a bit and you’ll see a grey stone pyramid. Fly to the side of the pyramid that’s black and you’ll see the credits scroll by for the developers.

Now, follow the instructions to launch a car racing/shooting game in MS Excel 2000.

Step # 1: Open a new workbook in Excel 2000

Step # 2: Save as a webpage. Give any file name you wish. In the save as Window, select Selection:Sheet, add Interactivity and Publish as Webpage. Click Publish

Step # 3: Now, open your saved webpage.

Step # 4: Reach Row 2000, column WC.

Step # 5: Use “Shift+Space bar” to select whole row.

Step # 6: Press ALT key+ Shift + Ctrl and click on the Microsoft Logo on the top left handed side of the sheet

Step # 7: Enjoy the hidden game. The game is car chase/driving game. It gives you control of a car and you get to shoot other cars. Also has unlimited lives.

Tip first shown by “Wiwbiz” on Youtube. Check out the video here

Update: YouTube seems to have pulled down the video for apparant Terms of Use violations. However, follow the steps above and enjoy the hidden game. Also, this does not work in IE7 and any other versions of Excel after Excel 2000. So if you have Excel 2003, or Excel 12 , bad luck