Sony PlayStation 4 to be released in 2008

Sony Playstation 3, rumors of a Sony Playstation 4A new Sony Playstation, the PS4 could be released within 18 months, sometime during Christmas of 2008, claims a “Sony Insider”. The report on suggests that the insider has indicated that the new PlayStation would feature the same chipset as the current PlayStation 3, but will have hardware enhancements in the drive bay and the attachment area. It would also include a software suite that would help manage streaming TV/HD content. The company is also looking at creating some kind of PS3 based home server.

“We have even looked at a Sony home server based on PlaySration technology,” the unnamed source told “This would allow consumers to connect home automation devices to the Sony server while also delivering online gaming and access to an extensive movie and music library.”

Ken Kutaragi, the father of the Sony PlayStation¬†says that previously he has been unable to talk about “the next step” because the PS3 still hadn’t launched worldwide. “We’ve introduced PS3 in Europe, so now I can openly talk about [future plans]”, he says. “As a matter of course, I have the vision of PlayStation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network.”

According to the EE Times Kutaragi is also busy drafting up plans for ways to cut the manufacturing costs of the PS3, with design models planned for 2 years time.

The report refers to the mystery machine as the PS4, but if it does exist, it sounds more like a reworked PS3 to us – like the slim-line PS2.