Vote for your EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Cover Athlete

EA Sports is changing their process to select the cover athlete for Madden NFL 12. They are letting you, the fan now vote for the cover. In this process, EA Sports launched a 32 man tournament bracket with one representative from each of the 32 teams in the league. Over a period of five grueling rounds, with each round lasting a week, fans can narrow down the field until only one option remains – the cover for Madden NFL 12.

EA Sports has tried multiple methods previously to choose its cover athlete for the Madden NFL series. Three years ago, they picked a retired player (supposedly) in Brett Favre. For Madden 10, they picked two players for the first time in Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu. Last year, the players chose from three finalists with Drew Brees winning the top honor.

Madden NFL 12 Bracket

Other highlights

  • Not every team is represented by a star player or a star quaterback. For example, the New England Patriots are represented by Danny Woodhead.
  • Seattle Seahawks are represented by their 12th man, or its fanbase.
  • Round one of five is from March 21 – 27, 2011
  • The finals is from April 18 – 26, 2011
  • The winner will be unveiled live on SportsNation on ESPN2
  • Vote by visiting EA Madden 12 Cover Vote page :

**** Updated to add the Madden NFL 12 trailer

EA Sports has released their first teaser trailer for Madden NFL 12.