Comprehensive list of Google acquisitions since 2001

The recent acquisition of YouTube by Google has made some of the biggest news since the AOL- Time Warner merger or the HP-Compaq merger. This is a list of all the acquisitions made by Google starting from the year 2001.  Most companies acquired by Google feature

  • A small but very talented development team
  • Interesting and innovative products, technology, or intellectual property
  • A private start-up with a relatively cheap price tag.

Before the YouTube aquisition in October 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock, the biggest acquisition by Google was Applied Semantics for $102 Million USD. The list below shows the application/company bought out by Google, more information like Google press releases and its current avatar for Google

Year 2001

Deja(Google Groups)
 was acquired, became part of Google groups. In its initial form, it was a usenet archive with entried dating back to the early days of Usenet and includes over 1 billion postings from the Usenet bulletin board service.

Outride(Google Search)
 is acquired. Outride was a spin-off from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and was created to apply state of the art model based relevance technology to the challenge of online information retrieval. See the Google Press release on this acquisition

Year 2003

Pyra Labs(Blogger)
acquired, it is the maker of Blogger. How Pyra looked like before its acquisition by Google from web archive. This was then integrated with Google’s BlogSpot(see BlogSpot’s web archive) and launched Google to the forefront of Blogging.

Neotonic Software
and Applied Semantics (April 23) acquired.

Neotonic(GMail) specialized in email customer support and allowed Google to move into providing services for e-mail discussion groups. This acquisition also helped in providing a strong support channel for its then upcoming webmail service Gmail. 

Applied Semantics(Google Adsense) had a contextual advertising model that was incorporated into Google’s AdSense and AdWords. See Google’s press release on acquisition of Applied Semantics

Kaltix(Google Search)
, a search technology start up was acquired on September 30 as an attempt to develop personalized search and provide context sensitive search for Google Search. See the press release on acquisition of Kaltix Corp

Sprinks(Google Adsense)
 was aquired to enhance AdWords and AdSense. Sprinks advertisements which were distributed over the media network, were then replaced by Google Adwords advertisements. This deal enhanced Google’s ability to serve relevant ads on content pages. Google then replaced Sprinks method of contextual targeting, which allowed advertisers to pick from a hierarchical list of categoriesm with the keyword method.

Also, in the same month Genius Labs, a boston based blogging provider. They were part of the founding group of the weblog community XangaYear 2004


On April 23, Ignite Logic(unknown) was acquired. Ignite Logic was a startup which helped law firms set up websites.

On July 13, Picasa Inc(Picassa), a digital photo management company was acquired to give users of Blogger a tool to manage their images and to help them publish digital photos with Blogger faster and easier. See Google’s press release on acquisition of Picassa

ZipDash(Google Maps) tackled highway congestion by providing individuals with real time, accurate traffic information was acquired and used to develop and launch Google Ride Finder besides integrating this technology into Google Maps

Keyhole(Google Earth) corp, digital mapping company was acquired on October 27 to provide the core mapping capabilities for Google Earth. This acquisition gave Google a powerful new search tool, enabling its users to view 3D images of any place on Earth as well as tap into a rich database of roads, businesses and many other points of interest. The keyhole acquisition price was not announced but Google cut down the price of keyhole professional prices significantly. See Google press release on acquisition of Keyhole.

Where2(Google Earth)
 acquired to provide the core mapping capabilities for Google Earth. See: Take browsers to the limit: Google, and Google Maps and AJAX vs WithStyle – the Australian Legacy, and Assigning Geographic Locations to Web Pages.

Year 2005


2 Web(Google Spreadsheets) acquired as a part Google’s plan to develop a spreadsheet. This startup was a spinoff of ITK software and was headed by Jonathan Rochelle who then became the head product manager of Google Spreadsheets.

Web analytics tools provider Urchin(Google Analytics) was acquired and its technology was used to develop and launch Google Analytics.

Dodgeball(Google Mobile), a social networking software provider for mobile devices was acquired. This acquisition helped push Google into wireless or the next frontier for search.

Akwan Information , a Brazilian Search tech provider was acquired as a part of Google’s plan to expand to Central and South America. This helped Google establish a Research and Development center 

Reqwireless(Google Mobile), a Web browser and Mobile email software developer for wireless devices was acquired as a part of Google’s initiative to develop a version of GMail for the mobile device, was also acquired.

Android Inc(Google Mobile)
., a software provider for mobile devices was acquired. This nicely complemented its acquisitions of Dodgeball and Reqwireless.Year 2006


dMarc Broadcasting, creator and operator of an automated platform that lets advertisers more easily schedule, deliver, and monitor their ads over radio was acquired. The purchase price was $102 million with an additional payout of upto $1.36 billion over three years if certain performance targets are met. See Google’s press release on its acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting

Measure Map(Google Analytics)
 acquired and integrated into Google Analytics. See Jeff Veen previously of Measure Maps first Google Blog

Writely(Google Docs)
, a maker of an online word processing program was acquired and integrated as Google Docs.

Google acquired an advanced text search algorithm from the University of New South Wales in Australia that was invented by an Israeli student named Ori Allon.

Sketchup(Google Earth) was acquired as it allows one to place 3D models into Google Earth.

GTalkr(Google Mobile)
, a web-based, Flash-based IM client focused exclusively on interfacing with Google’s GTalk was acquired. This finally allowed Mac users to enjoy the GTalk IM Service. It can index conversations and also allows you to read short Gmail previews.

Neven Vision(Picassa)
, a company that specializes in biometric identification was acquired. This technology will make it easier for Picasa to organize and search for photos. This acquisition also has a strong mobile bent as Neven Vision also focussed on applying its technology to mobile visual search. They bought out Neven Vision after almost buying out Riya a potential $40 Million buyout which fell through in the end. See AskStudent’s review of Riya and its new launch

Google acquires online video sharing site YouTube(Google Videos) for $1.65 Billion in Stock. See Google’s press release announcing its acquisition of YouTube

Also, check out the video from Chad and Steve, YouTube’s founders on its acquisition by Google

JotSpot(unknown), do-it-yourself application publishing that enables anyone to create, publish, and share wiki applications. See the blog post announcing Google’s acquisition of JotSpot

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