Know your rights when you get pulled over

I am sure most of us who are driving cars have been pulled over by the cops for a variety of reasons, most proabably for speeding. However, did you know that when a policeman asks to search your car, you could refuse? It’s a pretty intimidating situation to be sure, but you do have rights–even if the police officer implies you don’t have the legal right to refuse.Although you can refuse a car search, there are a couple of circumstances under which a police officer can legally search your car without a warrant.If you were pulled over for speeding and an officer smells marijuana, that’s got probable cause. This allows the police to search your entire car, as well as any containers and purses within the car–in other words, places where the marijuana is likely to be hidden. When an officer lawfully arrests a driver, he or she can legally search the passenger compartment of the car, including the glove compartment but not (oddly enough) the trunk.

A timeless rap lyrics of Jay Z, which describes the situation thusly.

Well my glove compartment is locked     so is the trunk and the back And I know my rights so you gon'      need a warrant for that "Aren't you sharp as a tack are some      type of lawyer or something?" "Or somebody important or somethin?" Nah i ain't pass the bar but i know a      little bit Enough that you won't illegally      search my sh**

You can find more information here

The Flex Your Rights Foundation has posted a 45-minute video on Google designed to help you understand your rights next time a cop pulls you over.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.