Thanks to our guest writers and our editors …

Over the last two weeks, we have received an overwhelming number of students asking to be AskStudent’s guest writers. So, here is what we did. We asked them to write about their city, the city in which they live in, talk about it, places to visit and also partay. They include cities down under and also the Queen’s country. We have received over 25 articles and counting so far and we will be posting them up as soon as Melissa proof reads them and posts them out.

Thanks once again to all you guys.

Also, a big hurrah for the guys on the AskStudent team. Ajit Gaddam, Alex Smith, Melissa Hicks, Ryan Ferone… all these guys have been putting in huge hours,  the last couple of weeks, and we have been stockpiling up articles. Most of these articles are going to be published under Melissa’s name even though it might be the contribution of a different member of the team. In the case of guest writers, it is still going to be published under Melissa but the name would be mentioned prominently.

All in all, It’s gonna be shock and awe baby!

If you wish to contribute to AskStudent, please send us an email in our contact us section.