Yahoo and Google censorship

It is Google’s policy not to censor search results. On the other hand, in response to local laws, regulations, or policies, they must censor search results.

Specific governments keep a tight rein on the internet and what users can access. The latest action taken was Argentina forcing Google & Yahoo to censor search results. The censorship was related about a variety of celebrities, including public officials, models, actors, and sports stars. For example users’ searching for the world’s most well known soccer stars and the current national team head coach – Diego Maradona — produces zero results, along with a message from Yahoo that’s roughly translated as follows:

“On the occasion of a court order sought by private parties, we have been forced to temporarily remove some or all of the search results relating to it.”

Google first received an order to block references to the individuals on its Argentina search engine in mid-2007. “A group of about 70 fashion models, represented by the same lawyer, initially asked the Internet Company to block all search results with their names with the intent of blocking pornographic sites that used the models’ pictures. Google responded that it would only block specific problematic links, provided it could notify users.” (Source: CNet News)

If you are interested in reading more about specific governments’ policy and/or laws regarding Internet censorship in various countries around the world, here are some links: