How to change your windows password using the command line

You need to have admin access to perform this change from the command line. This is an especially handy trick if you want to change a password on an account but you’ve forgotten the original (going through the Control Panel can require confirmation of the old password).

Change password screen through control panel

In this example, I want to change the password for a user names Askstudent. To verify the user name, by simply typing net user, I get a list of all the user names on that windows machine. Now, go to the command prompt and enter:

cd windows\system32
net user  

> net user asks mypa$$word

If there are people near you and you don’t want them to see the password you type, enter:
net user *

E.g. > net user asks *
> Type a password for the user:
> Confirm the password:


using net user to change password