How to fake a Cell phone caller ID and prank call your friends

Editors Warning: This tip should not be misused for threatening, abusive, illegal or obscene communication. AskStudent takes no responsibility for any misuse or damage caused by this tip. Only prank those people you know and make sure you inform them about it.

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The site we want to visit is You can use this to prank your friends. Also, you can you this as a reminder service.

Step # 1: Type in a recipient’s 10 digit phone number including area code. Make sure you include no dashes, spaces or periods

Step # 2: Type in the number you want to spoof. Say you want the call to originate from your Roomies Ex GirlFriend, put in her number

Step # 3: Type in the name you want to show up on the recipient’s caller ID. In this case, it would be your Room mates Ex Girlfriend

Step # 4: Select a voice that will read your message to the recipient. You can choose between male and female voices

Example of a phone call prank

Step # 5: Finally type in the text you want the voice to say. In order to sound convincing, make sure you don’t type in any non-English words or rather words that are not in the dictionary.

Step # 6: Call Away … Enjoy !!!

If you used this service, make sure you come back and post any funny stories you might have.

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