How to Search for Torrents using Google

download torrents using googleBittorrent continues to be the most popular method for file sharing on the internet. However since suprnova torrents was bought down by the RIAA, a very popular aggregator of torrents for p2p file sharing came down. Right now, you can download torrents using clients such as Kazaa, emule and Bit Tornado. However, these do not have a vast search base which is where a bittorrent search engine comes in. Again these search engines such as have limited amount of torrents for you to search. You might not have enough seeds on a file and you will end up with slow download speeds or an incomplete file. In this article I will tell you how you can use Google to search for torrents, get the best download speeds and find torrents with the most seeds

Step # 1: Go to and on the Google homepage, click on iGoogle.

igoogle homepage

Step # 2: At iGoogle, Welcome to your Google Homepage click on Make it your own

customize your igoogle homepage

Step # 3: You will now see a Choose from a sampling of content to get started. Ignore it and click on Show my page at the bottom right

Step # 4: Now, you will be back to your iGoogle page but will look different. On the right hand side, you will see two new options. One is Select theme and the other is Add stuff. Click on Add stuff.

Step # 5: Now, from the Add Stuff to your homepage, type in torrent search in the search bar. You will get a list of options. Select the Torrent Search bar, the first search result and click on Add it now.

Add torrent search bar

Step # 6: You will get a warning message that you are about to add a gadget. Click on yes.

Add torrent search widget to google homepage

Step # 7: Now click on Back to Homepage on the top left corner of your screen. You will come back to the iGoogle Homepage. This time, you will see a new spot for searching the most popular torrent search engines.

best torrent search engine

Step # 7: Type in the series or what you are looking for. You will be taken to a page where you can choose from 31 most popular torrent search engines including MiniNova, PirateBay, Demonoid, NewTorrrents among them.

search for movies and music using torrents

Warning: AskStudent does not endorse illegal downloads. P2P is a very good medium for sharing legit files. Use BitTorrent wisely and check your local laws when you use Bittorrent to download movies or download music