How to Unlock any Nokia based Cell phone and get its unlock codes absolutely FREE

This article was first published on one of our Editors Ajit Gaddam’s personal blog. You can check out the original article here. Following is a reproduction of that article on how to Unlock your cell phone and get unlock codes for free

I recently lost my Cell phone while travelling abroad. Fortunately for me, I had an brand new cell phone which I got from T-Mobile for free when I renewed my contract with them, a Nokia 6010 hanging around. In most countries, there are pre-paid options for phones where you pay a provider some cash and you get a SIM card which you can plug into your phone and you are all set. However, the Nokia phone I had was locked to T-Mobile and I could not use my SIM card. This led me to go online and see if there are any methods out there to help me unlock and use my cellphone. Now, there are plently of sites out there which give you the unlock codes for your Nokia Cell phone. However, most of them charge anywhere from $9.99 to $65 to provide you with the unlock codes. Also, some of them only take payment in Euros. So, in this post, I will introduce you to two sites who provide you with unlock codes for your Nokia Cell phone absolutely FREE.

Site # 1:

Unlock any Cell phone for FREE and get unlock codes This site is the most popular free site for unlocking any Nokia based Cell phone and most of the cell phones out there. Some of their other brands for which they provide unlock codes include Siements, LG, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola based phones. The procedure for unlocking your Cell phone is as follows: 1. Start your phone without your new SIM or any SIM card in it 2. Now hit *#06# on your cell phone. When you do it, your IMEI number, a unique global serial number for your cell phone shows up. Your IMEI number should be 15 digits. 3. Now, choose the model of your Cell phone. If you don’t know your cell phone model number, you can always find out by removing the cell/battery of your phone. The model number along with the IMEI of the phone should be present. 4. Now, select the country and the operator the phone is locked to. For example “USA- T-Mobile” 5. You are now given the unlock codes for your cell phone. A lot of people have a problem punching in the alphabet p and w while entering the unlock codes. To enter the codes, here is a visual guide below as well as the step by step procedure

Step by Step guide to enter the unlock code for a cell phone

: a. Push # b. Push * 3 times in a second. (p will show) c. Push * 4 times in a second.(w will show) d. Push * 2 times in a second(+ will show) e. Enter the code from below. f. Push * 2 times in a second.(+ will show) g. Enter the code number h.Push # Visual Guide on How to enter the Unlock codes for a cell phone Visual guide with picture on how to enter the unlock code for a cell phone

Site # 2:

Link to unlock a Nokia Cell phoneThis site is a Nokia exclusive unlock site and like unlockit, this site provides you with Nokia cell phone unlock codes absolutely FREE. Infact, if you are looking to unlock a Nokia cell phone, this is the first place you should try simply because of the larger number of cell phone models. did not provide codes for my Nokia 6010 because they did not have it in their database because the 6010 is an older dct3 model. The procedure for obtaining the unlock codes is the same as above. You are given the code to use. Procedure for unlocking a cell phone at Caution: Sometimes, with Nokia based cell phones and any other cell phone, if you incorrectly enter the wrong unlock code too many times, in the case of Nokia it is 5 times, you are shown an error message “cannot undo restriction” or “not allowed”. If you enter the unlock codes incorrectly, or if they are generated based on incorrect IMEI and network information from you, you may create a ‘hard lock’ condition on your phone that will require you taking the phone to a service location to be unlocked again. They will use a direct unlock method using either a data cable or clip. These solutions are normally quite expensive to buy and unless you plan to unlock many phones it is not cost effective to purchase these yourself. Update: I also found out that in my case, T-Mobile would have provided me an unlock code absolutely for FREE too. The only downside to this free service is that you should have to have been a subscriber with T-Mobile for atleast 3 months. In my case, I got an Email from T-Mobile denying my request as shown in the email below. Email from TMobile denying my request to unlock my cell phone