Brain food to help students power through college finals

 As finals season arrives and college students begin their all night cramming sessions, instead of curbing hunger with pizza or instant soup, they may be interested in recent health studies that show students may score better on exams by eating fish. Studies are now finding fish is important for the brain as part of an “intellectually nutritious diet.”  Several nutrients found in fish may positively affect the brain, including improving memory, concentration and performance.

Fish is one of the few foods that contain an abundance of omega-3s as well as all eight amino acids. Studies show that the omega-3s found in tuna can provide students with a brain boost that allows them to power through exams. Ideal for college students’ hectic lifestyle, canned tuna is one of the most convenient, versatile and affordable protein sources for those study break munchies.

  • Ready to Eat:Tuna can easily be incorporated into a variety of meals or snacks. Perfect to spread on crackers, include in a salad or add to a sandwich or pita, tuna can be a delicious and easy option.
  • On the Run:Available in a variety of on-the-go convenient packaging options including individual serving cups, pouches and in ready-to-serve flavors like lemon-pepper or Thai, tuna is easily transported. The individual pouches are perfect for evening study groups or grab-and-go backpack snacks.
  • Hunger Buster:Research shows that eating protein-rich foods like canned tuna for lunch can help with satiety and slow down digestion keeping you fuller longer. Tuna leaves you less hungry and likely to eat fewer calories at your next meal, so you can focus on studying and not a growling stomach.
  • Food for the Times:Tuna is a great substitute for fatty meats and full-fat dairy products, which are higher in saturated fats and trans fatty acids. As a high-protein, low-calorie and nutrient-rich food, tuna also provides a variety of health benefits sure to keep you energized this winter. In addition to omega-3s’ cognitive benefits, this nutrient provides heart health benefits and prevents disease to keep you healthy this winter.