How to look Photogenic in photographs

Do you dislike having your picture taken because you always seem to come out looking bad in the pictures? Or how about that hot date you set up looking their profile picture on Facebook or MySpace but whose looks in real life left a lot to be desired? What’s the deal with pictures?

Wikipedia defines Photogenic as a subject, generally human, that usually appears physically attractive or striking in photographs, regardless of their physical appearance in real life. A person described as being photogenic may not necessarily look so photogenic in real life. Oftentimes, a person who appears attractive in real life may look less attractive in photograph. This phenomenon is caused by the three dimensional and two dimensional polarizing effect and could explain why a person looks “better” in two dimensions than in three or vice versa. Therefore, a person described as photogenic means he or she looks better in two dimensions.

Our in house tips on being more photogenic

1 – use Visine to brighen your eyes
2 – don’t go crazy on the lip gloss because it can glare in the light and be distracting
3 – think of something funny when smiling
4 – think of someone sexy when trying to look alluring
5 – use blotting papers, then powder if you have oily skin
6 – try different angles with your face and body
7 – body language translates directly onto film — relax, have fun, & be yourself

Wikihow has an excellent article offering a few tips on how one can look better in photos so that you can stop running for cover whenever the camera comes out. Here are some of the best ones picked from the Wikihow article

1. Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head down slightly and try to position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level. This will hide a double chin fairly effectively. You can also put one hand under your chin as though you’re resting your head on your hand. Also try resting your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

2. Stick your neck out. One trick models often use is to present a 3/4 pose to the camera (turn your head so that 3/4 of it is exposed to the camera, as opposed to a full frontal shot) and then lift your neck and slightly tilt your head down, as though you are a turkey sticking its head out (without actually thrusting your chin out). This improves facial definition and helps ameliorate wrinkles and flabby skin.

3. Relax. Many people end up looking odd in photos because they freeze into odd facial expressions with a “say cheese” type of smile on their face. If you’re used to having bad pictures taken of yourself, you probably get nervous in front of the camera, and this can make things even worse. If you know a picture is about to be taken, take a deep breath and exhale naturally, relaxing your arms and shoulders. Think Happy thoughts

4. Smile with your eyes. Nothing projects happiness and beauty like smiling eyes: a happy, somewhat mischievous expression of the eyes. To achieve this effect, imagine that the camera is a person you have a crush on walking into the room. This will create wider open eyes and a relaxed smile.

5. Always look slightly above the camera when the picture is taken. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis always used this technique for photographs and portraits. Additionally, it helps reduce the “red eye” effect.

6. Sucking in your stomach will make you appear unattractive because your ribs will poke through the shirt. Worse, it will make you look slightly uncomfortable, which is never appealing.

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