How to tone your ab muscles using Yoga

As someone who recently am experiencing the power of Yoga to both mind and body, I want to share with the rest of the community the power of Yoga which helped me tone down my ab muscles.

Janu Sirasana 

The Yoga Asana we are going to perform is called “Janusirasana” where Janu means Knee and Sira means head or the posture where we touch our knees with our head. The benefits of this Yoga Asana besides toning your ab muscles, helps stimulate your liver and spleen. It also stretches your hamstring muscles and also brings increased flexibility of the hips.

Step # 1: Sit with your legs stretched out and your feet together
Step # 2: Now, bend your left leg and place the heel of your left foot against the perineum and the sole against the inside of your right thigh
Step # 3: During this time, make sure your right leg is towards your right side.
Step # 4: Now, slowly raise your hands from the side while inhaling at the same time
Step # 5: Bend towards the right while exhaling.
Step # 6: While bending, try to catch your right big toe or ankle or any part of your leg with your fingers
Step # 7: When stretching, touch your right knee with your forehead while bending the elbows
Step # 8: Breathe out completely and squeeze your abdomen and hold for 5-10 seconds
Step # 9: Repeat this same procedure for the left side too
Step # 10: For best results, try to repeat this procedure atleast 5 times.

Caution: Do not perform this asana if you are a patient of slip disc/hernia/sciatica/ cervical spondylitis.