Top 6 Health Benefits of Bananas

The mighty Banana is delicious, wholesome, pocket friendly, and is loaded with nutrients and is available throughout the year.  This is one fruit which can be consumed in different forms, eat it raw, make a shake, add to fruit salad or however you please. Banana can be eaten for instant energy and is one healthy fruit that provides numerous health benefits.  Banana when compared with apple has 5 times more of Vitamin “A” and iron, 4 times  more of protein, 3 times more of  phosphorus and twice the other vitamins, minerals and carbohydrate. We have written in the past around healthy brain food and here is a list of the Top Health benefits of Bananas compiled into six benefits:

1.  Banana is an instant energy booster:  The natural sugars in this fruit converts into instant energy to provide the body with the  required energy to sustain it for the day. Banana can help overcome or prevent substantial number of  illnesses or conditions thus making it must have fruit on a daily basis.

Image of banana

2. Banana enhances the nervous system:  Research has shown that the Banana which is rich in potassium can assist in the learning capabilities and in keeping the mental faculties vigilant. Studies have demonstrated that it can even help with depression and stress.

3. Banana enhances the digestive ability:   The Banana is rich in soluble fibre and produces nutrients which helps the digestive system of the body alleviate constipation and improve bowel function.

4. Banana helps to maintain blood pressure:  This fruit is a good source of potassium and low in salt. This combination helps in  regulating the blood pressure.

5. Banana reduces the risk of cancer:  Being rich in dietary fibre and antioxidants this fruit helps in reducing the risk of bowel cancer.

6. Banana cures hangovers:  A natural and easy way of getting over  hangovers is to drink BANANA milk shake to which add honey and yogurt.