What kinds of Fatty food does your body require for proper nurishment

Food PyramidFats or fatty acids are essential to keep the body’s weight proportionate by boosting up metabolism. They help to regulate blood pressure, to maintain the stickiness of the platelets, to metabolise cholesterol, to regulate kidney and lung function, to reduce inflammation and improve the immune system.

For an average college student and most adults, the daily requirement of fat is around 50-60 grams.

What kind of Fatty food sources can you indulge in?

Butter: Butter contains antioxidants and cancer preventing trace minerals and Vitamins A and D

Cheese: It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, magnesium and is good for health on judicious consumption

What kind of Fatty food sources you need to avoid…

Margarines: Margarines contain harmful indigestible hydrogenated acids. Use butter instead.

A great butter mix can be made with 450g of butter added to a cup of cold-pressed virgin olive oil. Mash together, preserve in a container and store in a refrigerator. This can be used as a soft, natural nutritionally rich and delicious spread

Refined oils: Refining processes denature the oil through heat and chemical exposure and hence damage the liver and immune system. They are also linked with cancer, diabetics, infertility, increased blood lipids and other complications.

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