Fix a Wet Cell Phone

Have you ever used your cell phone in the rain and then found out it is wet and not working any more? Have you ever slipped and fell into a pool with your clothes and cell phone is all wet? Or worse, did someone drop water or beer on your cell phone? Well, follow the tips below on how to fix a wet cell phone and methods to dry a wet cell phone.

Fix a Wet Cell Phone

Step # 1: Do not press the Power button

The first thing to fix a wet cell phone is do not panic and try to power up your Cell phone. Everytime you try to power on a wet cell phone, you increase the chances of permanently damaging your cell phone.

Step # 2: Remove the battery

The battery might be able to conduct charge to the cell phone. Remove the battery and dry it with a cloth or anything else you can find ( your shirt)

Step # 3: Remove the SIM card and the memory card

Both your SIM and if you have a memory card on your cell phone, can conduct electricity. They are electronic circuits too. Remove them and dry them.

Step # 4: Sun  or blower

I once slipped into a pool with my cell phone in my pockets. Of course it did not work or power on. I followed the steps above. Then grabbed a blow dryer from a friend and used it on my wet cell phone… tried to dry it as much as possible. Then i stepped out and left my wet cell phone in the balcony for couple of days. Third day, I blow dry it once again, plug back every thing and my cell phone is back to normal.

So if you live in the northern USA and still living the winter, just beg/borrow or steal a blow dryer and try to dry your wet cell phone.

Step # 5: Service Center

If all the above steps fail, take it to your nearest service center. Most of these places charge for these services to fix a wet cell phone and above all, liquid damaged cell phones are usually not covered by warranty.