How to upgrade MySQL in your WordPress website in 1and1 Hosting

Upgrading to the latest version of MySQL provides significant performance and security benefits for your website. If your website is using WordPress for its content management system and you are using 1and1 for hosting, here are step by step instructions on how to upgrade MySQL in your wordpress based website.

Step 1: Create a new database in your 1and1 dashboard

  • Login to your 1&1 Control Panel, and select your web hosting package. Scroll down until you see Hosting
  • Under Manage Webspace, select MySQL Database link. You will be redirected to the MySQL Database Setup and Configuration page
  • Click on the button New Database. Notice that the default version is 5.5 of MySQL. Complete the details including description and create a strong password.
  • Collect the MySQL database details that are presented especially the database name, host name, the db password, and the user name. You will need them in step 3

mysql current version

Step 2: Backup your current MySQL database

While you can perform this step using SSH, in certain packages with 1and1 hosting, SSH is not allowed and you need to upgrade. Using phpMyAdmin should help you do the same.

  • In your MySQL Database Setup and Configuration page, click on phpMyAdmin button for your current existing database (not the new one you just created in step 1 above)
  • In your phpMyAdmin page, in the menu at the top, click on the Export button
  • Click the Quick option to export your existing database. Ensure that the format option of SQL is selected and hit Go
  • Once you hit Go, an export of the database is created and you should see it downloading to your local computer

phpmyadmin - backup existing db

db export button

Step 3: Import the backup to your new MySQL database

  • In your MySQL Database Setup and Configuration page, click on phpMyAdmin button for your new database
  • On the left side, at the to, click on the SQL icon.
  • You will get a chance to Import files. Browse to where you downloaded the backup from step#3 above and hit Go

sql icon

Step 4: Change the database connection details in your wordpress wpconfig.php

  • Login to your site via FTP
  • Make a copy of your current wp-config.php file
  • In the wp-config.php file, update the details for database name, host name, user name and db password
  • Now, go to <>/wp-admin/upgrade.php and that’s it. You have successfully finished the upgrade of the MySQL database for your WordPress website

mysql 5.5