Build your own Death Star of Star Wars

Every geek worth his salt remebers the torpedo which Luke Skywalker used to destroy the Death Star of the Evil Empire. Now, here is your chance to build your own Death Star of the Star Wars movies.

You are now a weapons engineer and the responsibility for the completion of the Empire’s ultimate weapon has fallen on you. Some of you might ask, what is the full form of Death Star or why the name Death Star. Well, the project is officially known as the Expeditionary Battle Planetoid Development Initiative but the Ministry of Propaganda like to call it “Death Star”.

The 5 attributes needed for your Death Star are

    *  Power Output – The energy output of the station’s reactors
    * Firepower – The destructive potential of the station
    * Defense – The station’s protection against capital and fighter craft assault
    * Personnel Capacity – The station’s habitability and crew capacity
    * Naval Capacity – The extent of the station’s harbors and docking bays
Click on the picture below to build your own Ultimate weapon, the Empire’s Death Star

Death Star from the Star wars movies