Come meet Santa this Christmas for $2,000,000

Okay, this has to be one of the coolest things to happen ever. Christmas is around the corner and guess what, you can come meet Santa and his whole crew. The asking price, a cool $2,000,000 US.

So, what is part of this ultimate Christmas package…

Phase 1: Pick up of the winning bidder

a. Escort in limo of the winners choice: Some of the Limo’s being suggested were the H2, the Vet Limo, The Porch limo or any limo you want to the winners nearest home airport or any place they want to be picked up by Santa’s helpers.

b. Fly to Teterboro Airport in NJ: The winner will be flown in a Piggio Avanti, one of the best in luxury planes.

Fly in the Piggio Avanti

Interior of Piggio Avanti


Phase 2: Come meet Santa

a. Fly to North Pole: Now you board a Gulf Stream G4, the Rolls Royce of airplanes to fly you from Teterboro Airport to the North Pole Simulation in Anchorage, Alaska. You may fly alone with the pilots and your family or with Santa’s helpers.

Fly in the Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream interior

b. Come meet Santa and Mrs.Clause and the whole gang: You will be escorted by Santa’s helpers to meet Santa and Mrs.Clause. You will also meet all nine of Santa’s Reindeer Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and also Rudolph. ( all real live Reindeer).

c. See Santa’s workshop: Real live Santa’s Elves will be working on making Toys. Santa will then give you a tour of the workshop for about 2 hours.


Phase 3: Santa comes bearing Gifts

a. Sony PS3 and every Blue Ray Movie out there: Not one, not two but three 60GB Sony PS3’s with all the games for the system, all the Blue Ray DVD movies out there, 3 wireless controllers and every other accessory available for the PS3 unit currently in the market. These include 3 HDMI cables for the PS3, 3 1GB Memory Stick Pro and others.

Sony PS3


Phase 4: Fly back into reality

You will fly back in the Gulf Stream and taken back to your house in the limo with all your new toys.

Yes, this is a offer being made and put together by folks at

You can bid on this auction going on right now at Ebay. Click here to go to this auction

There are already 72 offers right now and the winning Buy it now price is US $2,000,000.00 . The auction closes on December 11, 2006 at 1:36PM PST or 4:36PM EST.

Check it out. This has to be the most insane offers out there releated to Christmas and PS3. And guess what, some rich Parent might just do it to treat their kids to the ultimate Christmas. Oh, and these guys take pictures and video you all the way.

Check out the Ebay auction