Undersea Cables Map

The vast majority of the world’s communications are not carried by satellites but by an altogether older technology: Undersea cables.

As a ship accidentally wipes out most of Asia’s internet access, this Undersea Cables Map shows how we rely on collections of wires of less that 10cm diameter to link us all together.

The first intercontinental telephony undersea cable system TAT -1, connected North America to Europe in 1958 and had an initial capacity of 640,000 bytes/second. Since then, total trans-Atlantic cable capacity has soared to over 7 trillion bps.

The Longest Undersea Cables

The SeaMeWe-3 system from Norden in Germany to Keoje, South Korea connects 32 different countries with 39 landing points.  This long undersea cable extends for almost 39,000 km.

SeaMeWe – 3 : 39,000 km

Southern Cross: 30,500 km

China – US: 30,476 km

FLAG Europe- Asia: 28,000 km

South America -1 : 25,000 km

UnderSea Cables Map

Undersea Cables Map

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