How to Get your GirlFriend Back, best take me back Letter

So, this guy and this girl split. But the dude still has feelings for her, his ex girlfriend. Here is the letter he wrote to get his girlfriend back or in this case get ex girlfriend back.

I was just wrong …. wrong about everything. Since you left me, I’ve come to see the point of cut flowers and very small picture frames and uh.. relatives.

Oh and I am thinking of owning more than one pair of bar soap at a time and buying another towel and stands to put the toilet roll on and … toilet roll … even when I’ve got a newspaper.

I now realize that my PlayStation … it’s a complete waste of my life and lack of reasonable gore is not a sensible criticism of chess. I absolutely promise to abandon all of my disgusting sexual deviancies like lesbian porn, Jessica Alba and talking to other women.

Jessica, please … take me back