Things guys should do for their female partner when living together

Relationships are a little like glaciers, under various pressures for most part. They are always moving and changing, gathering all kinds of debris. But after sometime, they move so slowly, it’s easy to forget that they are there, particularly when you live together. To use a more familiar metaphor, one day your relationship is a wild ride, all loops and corkscrews, and then, out of nowhere, it’s mellowed and straightened out. It’s actually much worse than that. So, how do you right the boat. Well, here are our top tips on how to get your love boat rocking again.

1. Bring her Breakfast in Bed

A classic gesture, breakfast in bed is the proverbial “oldie but goodie”. Get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and prepare breakfast just the way she likes it, with toast, fresh fruit, cinnamon buns, whatever. Then surprise her by serving it to her in bed. Another great way for her to start the day. Still not convinced, watch this video.

2. Order In

Order in for dinner and have it waiting for her when she gets home. Create a romantic setting by recreating a restaurant feel on the dining room table, on the patio or wherever else you think might work, complete with plates, silverware and cloth napkins.

For an extra romantic touch, add candles and a small vase with some flowers. Learn how to set a formal table and surprise her with your impeccable tast. Remember: the little details matter most.

3. Start a Fire

In the winter, get a fire going in the fireplace(if you have one obviously). Then, set up some pillows and blankets, and uncork a bottle of wine. If you want to take things to the next level, have a romantic dinner sitting in front of that otherwise uneventful fireplace.

4. Pack her lunch for work

Surprise her by making a lunch for her to take to work. It’s an opportunity to be both romantic and thoughtful. You can also slip in a love note or a flower. Furthermore, you can buy an individual slice of cake or pie from the grocery store, or some other dessert you know she likes.