Tips and suggestions on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day for Singles

Anti Valentine's Day CupidThe Anti-Valentine’s Day party actually makes some people grateful Cupid hasn’t set them up on a hot date for the night.

Valentine’s Day is a couple’s day. They exchange flowers, candy and cutesy stuffed animals. Even the candy is lovey-dovey, from heart-shaped Sweet Tarts to the little candy hearts bearing such phrases as, “I Love You,” “Hug Me” and “Be Mine.” But what about those people who aren’t in a relationship on Valentine’s Day? What are they supposed to do when their coupled friends are out soaking up the love?

There’s always the Anti-Valentine’s Day party, a chance to have some significant-other-free fun (and maybe even find that one true love). But the Anti-Valentine’s Day Party is more than bitterness. It’s a real bonding experience for those who are left out on this day. When V-Day comes around, those unattached tend to feel a little abandoned. And what fun is it when you get flowers or a gift from your parents? Everyone wants to feel as if they are a part of a bond between close friends.

The Deep Meaningful Ritual Party

Be my Valentine…not!This party can be anything from a relaxing spa party to doing facials on each other, to a night on the town with just the guys. It’s a chance to bond with friends, share past experiences and take your mind off of your single status.

“My girlfriends and I got together with a big bottle of wine last Valentine’s Day,” Christina Sage, a senior at Monmouth University said. “We went to our friend’s house to have a big bonfire. We burned everything we had from past boyfriends,” she explained.

Sage continued, “We felt it was good day to just let loose all the bad memories we had from past relationships. It was a combination cleansing/starting-off-point for us.”

The Generic, Any Day Party

You don’t need a holiday to have an excuse to throw a party. But Valentine’s Day is not excuse not to throw a party. It doesn’t have to be a ritual. Getting a lot of people together to party can be just as meaningful as a few close friends getting together. It gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of other single people.

“A few of my friends and I decided that Valentine’s Day was just a load of bull to promote flower sales and send everyone to the dentist due to the high dosage of sugar. So we decided to get all of our single friends together and have a party to not celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said junior Amy Costanza a junior at Syracuse University. “We had a blast.”

How did Amy and her friends pull it off? “We kept it pretty simple. No decorations or anything like that. Just some loud music, good food and some games for when the conversation started to lack. We played Twister, pool, foosball … that sort of thing,” she explained.

Valentine's Day party for SinglesThe Lack of An Expensive Date Party

This makes participants feel as if they’ve contributed to the idea of a holiday, without actually going out on an expensive date and doing the V-Day thing. Being a little outlandish can turn a boring ho-hum party into a stellar bash. Although it might take a lot of energy to put together, the outcome will provide enough memories to last until the next Valentine’s Day.

Tina Okley and her friends from Cornell University did things differently, deciding to re-celebrate Halloween instead of Valentine’s Day. “Everyone dressed up in non-Valentine’s costumes. We bobbed for apples, watched horror movies, anything to take our minds off the fact it was Valentine’s Day and none of us were in love,” Tina, a senior, explained.

The Just Hangin’ With the Pals Party

And then there’s the simple get together. Just a few close friends and a few good laughs can turn this romantic day into a celebration of friendship and belonging.

If that sounds a little extravagant, Jim Wendell, a sophomore from Georgetown University, has another idea. “It’s sort of simple, but I’ve never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. A few of my guy friends are the same way. Instead of trying to find dates, we’ll get together, rent a bunch of movies and do the whole guy bonding thing,” Wendell said. “I think it’s the best way to go. Yeah, Valentine’s Day is a lover’s day, but it’s also a day to just celebrate the love in your life. I’ll admit it, I love my friends. I don’t mind spending that day with them,” he added.

Whether it’s spending the evening with a few close friends or throwing a huge bash, Valentine’s Day does not have to be spent alone, wallowing in self-pity over lost loves. Rent non-romantic movies, dress up in Halloween gear, or get even more creative. After all, it’s a day just like any other.