Microsoft begins automatic update of IE 7

Well, looks like Microsoft has begun the automatic update of Internet Explorer to version 7 as a critical update. IE & update notification

The update file is a bit over 14 Megs, 14.8 MB to be exact.

Microsoft touts this as the next generation web browser with improvements such as enchanced security to protect us from malicious software and fradulent websites, a cleaner look, includes the much demanded tabbed browsing capability. Also, IE7 upgrade imports your existing IE settings such as current home page, search settings, favorites and compatible toolbars. 

IE 7 update process1

Once you are ready to install Windows Internet Explorer update, you are asked to validate your copy of windows.

Validate copy of windows for IE7

Once validation and installation is completed, the system needs to restart the computer to finish up the installation. Now here is the messed up part. You will need to sit through almost 11 minutes of installation time and one more restart before you are finally shown the welcome screen below. As promised, Microsoft kept my default settings, including Google as my default search engine. However, the much touted Automatic Phishing option is not turned on by default and one needs to enable it.  For kicks, check out what would happen had Microsoft released Firefox as MS Firefox Professional 2007 here.

Custom settings on IE7