Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

YouTube has come a long way to almost represent the pulse of the Internet generation. It has provided the medium for billions of people to share their views and communicate it through videos. So, let us take a look at their most popular videos of all time.

Teenage music sensation Justin Bieber tops the charts with his music video Baby as the most popular video of all time on YouTube. In fact, it has become the first video on YouTube to get half a billion views. A distant second is Lady Gaga with Bad Romance, almost 150 million views behind. Bieber also has another video in top 10 with his Never Say Never video at number 8. Music videos dominate the top 10 with eight out of the ten being music videos. The only exceptions are Charlie bit my finger and Hahaha both featuring adorable babies.

Here are the Top 10 Videos of all time on YouTube, as of April 2011.

1. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris with 511,092,165 views

2. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance with 365,686,507 views

3. Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) with 327,768,251 views

4. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna with 317,374,536 views

5. Charlie bit my finger – again ! with 301,645,027 views

6. Eminem – Not Afraid with 222,092,643 views

7. Miley Cyrus – Party in the U.S.A. with 207,125,672 views

8. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ft. Jaden Smith with 185,419,277 views

9. Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) with 174,139,065 views

10. Hahaha with 172,032,533 views