Following is a list of airports with free internet access in the USA. From the top US airports like JFK to smaller airports like Cedar Rapids in Eastern Iowa, AskStudent provides the most complete listing of free Wireless Internet access along with the relevant airport coverage areas. The list contains the hourly, daily , monthly charges which is 99% of the cases in the list below is FREE. Also included in the list are some restricted areas with Free Wifi in some airports like Colorado Springs (COS). Also included are the airport codes for your easy reference. The list of airports is by alphabetical order and not by any sort of ranking of airports.Enjoy!!

One look at the computer keyboard in front of you and you see a row of keys at the top of the keyboard labelled F1 through F12. You must have often wondered what the use of these keys are. Read on for rundown on these keys and what they can do for youThe keys labelled F1 through F12 are referred to as the function keys. While you do not need these keys to perform your everyday activities, they do provide some interesting shortcuts which can be a valuable asset for everyday computing ease. These function keys are usually used in combination with keys such as the CTRL key, the ALT key and the Shift key.


F1 key usually serves as a shortcut for the help menu. If you press F1 while working in a program, help for that program will usually appear. If you press F1 while at the Windows desktop or when the Windows Explorer is open, a Windows help screen will pop up. If you happen to be working in a program and would like to see the Windows help screen, simply press the Windows key (the key with the Windows logo on the bottom row of keys) on your keyboard and press F1 at the same time.


You can use the F2 key to rename an item when working in Windows.

 In this tutorial, we are going to hack a Coke vending machine. While these machines might look dumb from the outside, underneath is a very simple Operating System on which it runs and we are going to try to hack into this to gain access to a debug menu and gain access to all sorts of information. This is something that almost no one ever notices, every coke machine with a LED screen is hackable. You can find out cool stuff like how much money is in the machine, how many times one soda has been bought, etc.Which machines work?
We are looking for COCA – COLA product vending machines, which means the picture outside the vending machine would be showing either Coke or Dasani or Vanilla Coke or Sprite or Fanta among other Coke pridcuts. Also the machine must have a LED screen which displays some sort of a scrolling text. Usually in most college campuses, they would be set to “Please swipe your card” or “Select your product”


  1. Find a Coke machine that has an LED screen.
  2. Push the following buttons in the order given 4, 2, 3, 1.
    • If the buttons are in a column the first button is the top one.
    • If they are in a grid or other format, the first button is usually the top left one.
Have you ever run out of battery power on your mobile PC during a meeting or a class? Have you worried about running out of power while waiting to meet with a client? Have you asked yourself how much longer your battery will last? Sufficient battery life is a persistent challenge for mobile PC users.

Hardware aspects of power saving

From Ask-leo’s article on maximizing Battery life, Leo brings out some interesting points along with Jerry Foutz of SMPS Technology. His article states that the single most important aspect to maximizing battery life is matching the battery to its charger. About the only way you can maximize the probability of this happening is to buy both from the computer manufacturer for the exact computer model. Apparently even small differences in output voltage of the charger can have dramatic impact on the lifespan of your battery, by either under, or over-charging.

Again, from Leo’s article, another factor in battery life? Temperature. If you look at the bottom of your laptop you’ll see it probably has feet (or more likely, bumps or rubber pads) that lift it off of any flat surface you might put it on. That creates very important space for ventilation. If you block that space, with say your lap, it’s likely that you’ll be causing the laptop to run hotter than it should. If you do this regularly, you’ll likely shorten the lifespan of the laptop’s batteries.

Myth or Fact: Running a Laptop 24/7 would reduce my battery’s life.

Most of us have iPods for our music players and when we want to play music from the convenience of our own computers whether it is a Laptop or a Desktop, iTunes is a preferred method over say WinAmp or Windows Media Player for the wide range of features it provides. I am sure a lot of you out there have been in a situation where you are busy working on your latest assignment or pounding away lines of code and you want to change the song that is being played right now. Now, it is such a major distraction for one to open up iTunes as the current active window and then change the song being played from there. Well, today we are going to change that age old method of using your iTunes and instead work out from the toolbar itself.By adopting this method, you get skip , play , pause songs as well as increase/decrease the current volume. Check it out…

Hello folks, hopefully you are not reading this having just got handed a speeding ticket. Well, in any case, this page would have some valuable information for you folks on how to escape getting a speeding ticket. No, I’m not going to tell anyone to get some whiz bang Binford Radar Detector 9000, and try to pull some ‘did you use your tuning fork on your radar gun’ bullsh*t after you pull them over. Quite the contrary, you’ll see.So whom is article for? The casual every day driver who assumes that a 55 mile per hour speed limit means you can do 65, and the as long as I’m driving with the flow of traffic I’m ok, kind of driver. Because let’s be honest, nobody ever does exactly the speed limit anymore. So without further ado, lets get started

Part I: How to not get pulled over for speeding