Best FREE Siri Alternatives for iPhone or iPod or iPad

When Apple released the new iPhone 4S, it featured Siri, a built in voice controlled personal assistant. You may have heard the hype around Siri by now and unless you upgrade to the new iPhone 4S, Siri will not work for you. If you do not want to upgrade or just looking to try out functionality that is similar to Siri, we have the two best Siri alternatives for your iPhone. The apps we mention will also work for your iPod or iPad.

1. Dragon Go! (free)

Apple Store link:!/id442975871?mt=8

Dragon Go! works with a bunch of websites and integrates well with the apps on your iPhone. It has a pretty high accuracy. For example, if you are trying to get a restaurant reservation, Dragon Go! knows to launch opentable to complete the reservation. If you are looking for movies to watch, it looks to Fandango. Overall, pretty good app.

Dragon Go Siri Alternative for iPhone

2. Vlingo (free)

Apple Store link:

When you are looking for the Siri like functionality for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, Vlingo is a free app that is perfect for you. It even goes further than Siri in some cases such as integration with social networking sites. For example, you can post an update to your Facebook status or on Twitter. It also retains Siri functionality such as SMS, email, maps etc.

Some of the sample commands you can use:

1. Text < a person’s name>, message <your message>

2. Email <person>, subject <subject>, message <your message>

3. Find <coffee shops, restaurants…>

4. Facebook update <your status update>

5. Call <person> mobile

Vlingo Siri Alernative for iPhone