Erase Data of iPhone and Android before Selling It

If you are considering selling your phone on Ebay or returning it to the manufacturer, remember that your mobile phone is a treasure trove of data and personal information including contact information, pictures, and other personal details.  Following are simple steps you can follow to ensure your privacy when you sell your phone or return your phone.

Apple iPhone

To remove your personal data from the Apple iPhone and other iOS devices, the disk must be overwritten to erase all data from the disk. For a more detailed walkthrough on the Apple iPhone, check out our privacy guide for the iPhone

  1. Tap settings
  2. Tap general
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Tap Erase All Contents and Settings
  5. If passcode is configured on device, enter your passcode when prompted


On an Android phone, you can overwrite the device’s storage to remove all your sensitive information from the device.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Privacy
  4. Tap Factory data reset
  5. Check Erase SD card