How to Install Siri on an Android Phone

You have probably heard about the Siri voice based personal assistant in the new Apple iPhone and the amazing things it can do. However, Siri is restricted to only the iPhone 4S. If you have an earlier version of the iPhone or an iPod or an iPad, we provided you a list of Siri alternatives. Now, we show you how to get functionality like Siri and install Siri on an Android phone.

We will talk about the top three Siri like apps for an Android phone.

1. Speaktoit Assistant

Android Market

Speaktoit is the most advanced voice to action app on the Android marketplace and the one whose functionality seems like Siri on an Android phone.

  • You can ask it to find answers, connect to various web services (Google, Facebook, Twitter), launch apps, get weather, make phone calls, send email, text messages etc
  • You can customize the assistant’s appearance (blond, brunette, agent, old professor)
  • Compare to Siri: The humor is still missing. It is an AI without the human touch yet. However, a pretty good AI.
Speaktoit Assistant Siri for Android
Speaktoit Assistant Siri for Android
2. Vlingo Virtual Assistant
This is another excellent app that lets you download Siri like functionality for your Android cell phone.
  • Provides the Siri functionality like texting, find restaurants, update Facebook status, get directions, buy movie tickets and a bunch more
  • An advantage is you integrate it with your car including making a call, navigation directions, sending a text etc
  • Compare to Siri: Matches the UI. Still lacking the personality of Siri
Siri for Android with Vlingo
Siri for Android with Vlingo

3. Iris

Android Market:

This app has gained significant attention in the news lately. Iris stands for Siri in reverse and is showing tremendous promise. Once it comes out of alpha, we hope that it feels like having Siri on an Android phone.

  • The app is in alpha stage but can interact with apps on you Android and leverages Google Voice Search
  • It is very raw and at this stage not the best Siri like app on the Android market place. However, it shows promise. We will keep an eye out for it and update this section when Iris is ready to compete with Siri.
iris, siri for Android
iris, siri for Android
What is your favorite Siri like App for the Android? Post a comment down below and we will make sure to update this page based on your feedback.