Remove your Personal Data & Pictures from iPhone before selling

Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone or an iPad, customers flock to get their hands on the latest piece of magic from Apple. At the same time, they are looking to sell their old iPhone or iPad on Ebay or other sites on the internet. Now, your iPhone stores all sorts of sensitive information in it. These include pictures, your email, possibly passwords to your bank, your Facebook account among others. It is very important that you remove your personal data and pictures from your iPhone before selling it.

In this article, we will share with you an easy two step process on removing your personal data from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Erase & Remove your Personal Data from iPhone

Step 1: Backup your iPhone or iPad

Before you are ready to sell your iPhone, you want to make a backup of it so that you can restore all the information on your new iPhone.

Step 2: Erase iPhone

  • On the iPhone and this is similar on the iPad, go to Settings.
  • Select the General option and choose Reset option at the bottom
  • Under Reset, select Erase All Content and Settings option
  • Tap Erase iPhone
  • You are done removing all your personal data from your iPhone or iPad
Remove personal pictures from your iPhone
Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad
Remove personal data from iPhone
Under General option, choose Reset at the bottom
Erase iPhone
Press Erase iPhone to finish the removal process