Evolution shouldn’t be taught in Public Schools

More craziness from people. The following is the text around evolution and why this guy Anthony Tester from Knoxville posted in a local newspaper.

This is in response to the letter of Feb.28. Let me just say that I have proof that evolution does not work and should not be mentioned in public schools.

First proof is that last year I planted some plants in my garden. Now, the package on the seeds said tomato, but  I had faith in this evolution theory that you speak of and knew they would evolve into watermelons. Well, to my dismay, they were just common old red tomatoes. You would not believe how upset I was.

Last night I looked at my children and thought, what a wonderful thing has evolved out of the two pet fish I have. No, wait, I still have my pet fish and two of the greatest gifts God could send someone like myself that I call my children. In fact, I looked up the family tree and traced it back over 200 years and could not find anyone who ever had fins or scales.

If you want to teach your family that they evolved, then that is your right, but please don’t confuse facts with some theory you subscribe to. I do not know how children are born an how everything is in perfect place in the body, but I am pretty sure chance had nothing to do with it.

One day when I die, I will be sure to ask the Maker of the heavens and everything under them how He does it, and I will teach my children that all on this Earth is from God – not some fish that decided to climb out of the water and decided to be a human

Phew! What do you guys think?

Evolution in public schools