Remote Data Backup Solution using IDrive E-Online Backup

Ever lost your important files because you accidentally deleted an important windows system file? How about that project report you have been working on for the last month and you lost it because your computer decided to crash? This is not a remote possibility anymore. Operating systems such as Windows are more complicated than ever and one wrong file or a driver might crash your Operating System. While recovery options do exist, it is a major pain in the hind parts to recover them. In such a scenario, you might want to think about an online backup solution.

You can also use backups such as burn data to a disc or a flash drive or use an external storage drive. But these solutions cost money and plus what happens if you lose your flash drive? How about a solution where you don’t have to pay a whole lot and you get reliable security and backup. Plus, you can retrieve your data from any computer on the planet with an internet connection. Sounds good right! Welcome to the world of online backup.

Idrive online backupI have used many online backup options before usually jumping ship from one solution to another because someone else offered me more free storage space or someone was giving me better security or someone was giving me a good interface and usability. I finally settled on IDrive Online Backup which is hands down the best remote data backup solution for Windows.

The IDrive E Online Backup offers 2GB of data backups for free. You can even automate the backup process and is entirely hands free. There is also no limit on the upload or download size for backup and restore. Say you have been working on a project tonight and IDrive has a backup from yesterday stored on its servers, you can automate the backups in such a way that transfer only portions of file that have been modified or changed since the last backup.

The user interface is very easy to use like Windows Explorer on your computer where you can simply drag and drop files. You also get reliable security with a 256 bit AES encryption on storage. IDrive also retains 30 versions of backed up data and you can restore any version from these 30 versions.