Facebook Privacy Settings and Security Guide

Facebook privacy settings guideFacebook, the most popular social networking site just implemented a bunch of new privacy settings for its users. The new privacy settings are being promoted by Facebook as making it easier for its users to control their information and consolidating the number of pages and privacy options.

Facebook gives its users options around privacy and security where you can configure privacy settings to restrict access to your Facebook profile information. So whether you are an established Facebook user or a new user getting your feet wet in the world of social networking, here are the top privacy settings for Facebook you should follow to help protect your profile including photos and your personal information.

Visit the Facebook privacy settings guide article which lists the privacy options and the recommended privacy settings in a step-by-step guide. The list below is a quick summary of the privacy settings.

  1. Create Friends Lists: This is the most important task you need to perform on your way to enforce better Facebook privacy.
  2. Control your basic directory information: This section lets you customize your Facebook directory information, which is the information that people searching for you, whether on Facebook or on a search engine might use to find you
  3. Customize your Facebook privacy settings: While Facebook is about sharing, you must definitely customize your privacy controls to control what people or applications can see your information. Facebook gives you the option to share your information with either your friends, friends of friends or everyone.
  4. Customize your Facebook game settings, application and website settings: This section lets you control what information about you is shared with websites and applications, including search engines like Google.
  5. Create block lists: This section lets you block people from interacting with you or seeing your information on Facebook. You can also specify friends you want to ignore application invites from, and see a list of the specific applications that you’ve blocked from accessing your information and contacting you.
  6. Block Facebook ads: Ads shown within Facebook recently caused a lot of controversy with the usage of your photos in ads. You can customize and set privacy settings on ads shown to you on Facebook.

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