Facebook Privacy Settings

With Facebook overtaking MySpace as the most popular social networking site on the Internet for people to hangout, it has become more important that you secure your Facebook account and place the proper Facebook privacy settings in place.

Just ask Jon Favreau, the immensely talented chief speechwriter of President Barack Obama. The picture shown below was one which Jon attended where he is seen dancing and placing his hand on the chest of current secretary of state and former first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Dont let this be you. Your Facebook pictures are stored forever
Don't let this be you. Your Facebook pictures are stored forever

With the sheer popularity of Facebook and the tendency of people including you to share their personal lives including their pictures might come back to haunt you later in your life. Well, maybe the safest option is to not have a Facebook account at all, but that is not practical advice.

The post on the security blog root777.com describes 10 Facebook privacy settings in incredible detail and how you can protect your privacy online on Facebook by following these simple steps.

Some advice offered includes

Segregating your friends: It is impossible to trust your friends. In Jon’s case, one of his friends “tagged” him in that picture. The post on root777 gives you options on how to create friends lists and enforce privacy.

Watch what you write on your friends walls: Maybe drunk facebooking is the new trend after drunk dialing. Watch out for what you post. That will remain stored for eternity.

Protect your contact information: Basically by default everyone can see your contact information including IM, emails and even current address. Watch out for the tips on how to protect this information.

Protect your Facebook public profile: Facebook gives people an incredible opportunity to post a public profile that lets other people search for you on search engines such as Google and poof .. you are there on the first page of the search results usually because Facebook ranks high. See the tips on how you can secure your public profile.

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