Uppsala Hacker convicted of hacking Universities and Cisco Systems

A 19 year old Swedish teenager also known as the “Uppsala Hacker” was today convicted on seven counts for hacking into 3 Swedish Universities … Linköping University, Umea University and Uppsala University as well as the Swedish National Supercomputer Center in Linkoping. In a separate instance, the FBI is requesting Swedish authorities to press charges against him for hacking into Cisco Systems and stealing source code.

About three years ago, Swedish Universities were under a wave of intrusions. Around the same time in May 2004, Cisco servers were breached and source code was posted online. The FBI suspects it is the same hacker. A Swedish investigation resulted in the arrest of the then 16 year old “Uppsala Hacker”. The intrusions stopped after his arrest.

The hacker has since admitted to being the author of the tools that were using for the hacking attempts. However, he claims that other people had access to the tools and that he is not responsible for the crimes.

The Teen is now planning to appeal in the Swedish Supreme Court. “They have destroyed my life before I’m even a grown-up,” he told Computer Sweden.