Fatherhood can wait: A guide for the MALE college student

I’m always a little surprised at how some guys are willing to leave the whole issue of when they become fathers solidly in the lap of their girlfriends. It’s like we follow the dictates of our cocks, leaving sperm lying around wherever, and wait, hoping against hope , that we’re not going to be confronted with that dreaded line “Hey honey — I’m pregnant.”

And if you think that the above one liner is the worst punch to your gut ever, that’s just the beginning. If she decides to have the baby — and at that point it’s too late for us to have any say — they NOTE THIS GUYS , you are legally and financially responsible for that child, for at least 18 yeards, before you have even established in a career or for that matter come out of Calculus 2. Have a nice life. As guys, the odds are stacked up against us in the baby sweepstakes

As a guy, the only way I can take any control over this situation is to either refrain from any sexual activity where fathering a child is possible, or become a master of the art of latex. Best case scenario is for me to use that condom and for my partner to use another method as well, such as the pill or diaphragm — that combination gives nearly 100% protection. (As opposed to just trying to track periods and have sex only when it’s “safe”, a method that results in a very high pregnancy rate… People who use this method are generally referred to as “parents”.) Of course, I could choose to abstain, but even abstinence doesn’t guarantee there won’t be a pregnancy — in fact some studies indicate that the pregnancy rate among people who say they practice abstinence is as high as 17%.

What did you say? Pregnancy in people who are abstinent? What is this — immaculate conception? Not quite. First of all, there’s a lot of weird ideas about what abstinence means. In terms of pregnancy prevention, abstinence means no vaginal or anal penetration — none — not even if you just put it in for a minute. (What is she, a microwave??) Pre-cum contains sperm, and sperm are resilient little critters. They swim, too, remember? Any time there’s any ejaculate near the vagina — with or without penetration — there’s a possibility of pregnancy, not to mention STDs.

I think one question every man should ask himself before he gets physical with a woman is, “Am I ready to be a father? If the answer is “no”, it’s time to take control before a pregnancy happens. And short of abstinence — real abstinence — the only way for a man to take control over the situation is to use a condom — properly and every time. Need more condom sense? Check it out here. Pull it out, roll it on, and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the fact that it keeps you hard longer. Put a drop of lube in the tip and enjoy the hot wet sensations. You don’t even have to say a word. Just do it. You’ll sleep better afterwards, and your partner will love you for it.

Fatherhood can wait.