Free Trojan Condoms for College Students

great american condom campaign logoFree Trojan Condoms for College Students is part of the Great American Condom Campaign, a campaign aimed at engaging young Americans and distributing a simple health product that is after abstinence,  the best thing to reduce STDs or Sexually Transmitted Infections.

No public service announcements, no petitions, no politics, no celebrities, just condoms.

You can score these condoms through a Safesite. A safesite is a place where you can get free condoms from someone you already know. No price checks at a store, no awkward glances from that cashier, no cross campus runs to the campus health clinic. Get em when you need em.

The condoms are Trojan Brand Condoms.  You can also start a Safesite if you wish. Once you register, you can a box of 500 top quality Trojan brand Condoms in a special packaging by mail. You can then distribute them to your friends, neighbors or anyone else who asks for them.


1) VISIT THE SITE: Go to to learn more about sexual health, staying abreast of current ‘rubber’ news, starting a condom distribution ‘Safesite,’ and joining one of the fastest growing networks of people with safe-sex on their mind.

2) SPREAD THE WORD: From joining the facebook group and/or telling your friends to create a safesite, there are so many ways and levels at which YOU can help.

3) BE SAFE, BE GREAT: You really need an explanation?

start a safesite